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MultiTransMedia: A Solution for Translation & DTP

Serving in the areas of Translation, transcription, DTP and graphic designing for 12 years, the MultiTransMedia group has set a benchmark for itself with exceptional qualitative contents and unparalleled services.

We are active in the fields of legal, medical, financial and technical translations adding value to your content.

We use different types of Computer Assisted Translation tools like SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast, Memsource, XTM and MemoQ. The main reason for using these tools is to enhance the quality of translation and make the complete process precise and effortless.

About our company

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work
  • Exceptional Translation Accuracy: With extensive training on a diverse range of texts and languages, we can provide translations with a high degree of precision. Our language comprehension capabilities enable us to understand context, nuances, and cultural sensitivities, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translation.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time: Time is of the essence in the translation industry. We can deliver translation swiftly, significantly reducing the time required for project completion
  • Consistent Quality Assurance: For us consistency is the paramount service, and we excel in maintaining a consistent tone, style and terminology across multiple documents or projects. This ensures that you receive translations that align seamlessly as per the requirement.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Partnering with me can be a cost effective choice for you. By automating portions of the translation workflow, you can optimize your resources, reduce manual effort and ultimately improve profitability.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: We possess the capacity to handle large volumes of translation work without compromising on quality.
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Industry Experience

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Our Process

  • 1. Client Intake

    The agency receives requests from clients who need translation services. This can be done through various channels such as email, phone calls, or an online portal.

  • 2. Project Assessment

    The agency assesses the project requirements, including the source and target languages, subject matter, word count, deadline, and any specific instructions provided by the client.

  • 3. Quoting and Contracting

    Based on the project assessment, the agency provides the client with a quote for the translation services. Once the client accepts the quote, a contract or agreement is drafted, outlining the terms and conditions of the project.

  • 4. Resource Allocation

    The agency assigns the project to the most suitable translator or team of translators based on their language pair expertise and subject matter knowledge. They consider factors such as specialization, availability, and previous performance.

  • 5. Project Management

    A project manager oversees the translation process, coordinating between clients, translators, and other stakeholders. They ensure that the project progresses smoothly, meet deadlines, and resolve any issues that may arise.

  • 6. Translation Process

    The translator(s) work on the project, translating the source content into the target language while maintaining accuracy, style, and tone. They may use translation memory tools, glossaries, or other resources to ensure consistency and quality

  • 7. Editing and Proofreading

    A separate linguist or proofreader reviews the translated content to check for errors, grammatical accuracy, and linguistic quality. They may suggest improvements or make necessary corrections to ensure the final output is of high quality.

  • 8. Quality Assurance

    The agency performs a quality assurance check to ensure the translation meets the required standards. This may involve additional review processes, such as a second proofreading, comparing the translated content with the source, or running quality checks using specialized tools.

  • 9. Formatting and Localization

    If required, the agency may handle formatting tasks such as layout adjustments, adapting the translated content to fit within design constraints, or preparing localized versions tailored to specific regions or cultures.

  • 10. Delivery and Feedback

    The translated content is delivered to the client within the agreed-upon timeframe and format. The client may provide feedback or request revisions if necessary.

  • 11. Invoicing and Payment

    The agency generates an invoice for the client based on the services provided. Once the client approves the invoice, payment is processed according to the agreed-upon terms.

  • 12. Client Relationship Management

    The agency maintains communication with clients, building and nurturing relationships. They handle inquiries, provide customer support, and address any concerns or issues that arise during or after the project.

  • 13. Vendor Management

    If the agency works with freelance translators or subcontractors, they manage relationships with these external resources, ensuring their availability, evaluating their performance, and handling payments.

  • 14. Continuous Improvement

    The agency regularly evaluates its processes, seeks feedback from clients and translators, and implements improvements to enhance efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction